Apex Trigger Frameworks

20 marzo, 2017 Salesforce

As most of you already know, we should use a trigger framework in order to manage properly the logic that is executed after we create, update or delete a record by using Apex. The main reason is that we cannot control the order of execution of the different triggers that we can have per object. There are a lot of frameworks available that we can re-use, my favourite ones are as follows: Kevin O’Hara published in 2014 a good frameworkRead More

Field Service Lightning

20 marzo, 2017 Salesforce

Salesforce released an interesting feature around one year ago for tracking field work. If you haven’t heard about it and you want to see it in action, you can watch the a demo on youtube. It has been getting updates and becoming more and more interesting. If you wish you can take a look into the complete implementation guide, which contains all the information you need for activating Field Service Lightining in your Org. There is also a managed package thatRead More

Frameworks for testing Apex Code

9 marzo, 2017 Salesforce

I would like to share a couple of framworks that are very useful for testing Apex Code. The first one is Apex Mock and it will become essential for you when it comes to create test data for your Apex Test classes. The second framework is FinancialForce ApexMocks Framework. This one allows you to decouple complex logic and test it separately. I encourage you to check them out and spend half an hour trying to understand how they work. Once you haveRead More

Lightning Experience Roadmap

23 febrero, 2017 Salesforce

Within the last two releases we have seen a lot of improvements that we were really waiting for. Now, to me we can really think of using LEX for complex projects but there are still some missing features that we had in Classic. There is a helpful document where we can quickly see all the features that have been deployed recently and what will be next, so don’t miss it, it’s essential!

Sales Cloud Einstein

23 febrero, 2017 Salesforce

You have probably heard about the new Einstein capabilities and how it will bring insights and useful information for being smarter. With Sales Cloud Einstein, your team’s sales productivity is supercharged at every step of the sales process with key predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation. The features that comes with Einstein are as follows: Automated Activity Capture: Adds your team’s emails and events to related records. Lead Insights:  Scores leads from 1–100 based on how likely they are to convert.Read More

Salesforce Spring 17 Highlights

23 febrero, 2017 Salesforce

Spring is around the corner and that means good news for Salesforce passionates. The Sandbox Preview window for Spring ‘17 was scheduled to begin January 6, 2017, so we can start playing with the new features. I want to hightlight those I consider the most important ones that we cannot miss. Platform Continue to Be Impressed with Contacts to Multiple Accounts Email Files as Attachments or Links: You Decide Automatically Assign Cases to Queues When Customers Submit Cases via Email-to-Case SupportRead More

Technical Architect Journey

21 febrero, 2017 Salesforce

Salesforce has changed recently the path to get the Technical Architect certification. There was a huge gap between all the other certifications and the Technical Architect certification. Now, you can fill that gap getting the skills required to get there by achieving the new domain specialist certifications and becoming Application Architect and System Architect in order to, eventually, go to the review board exam. This is how the path looks like now: And the Application Architect and System Architect are composedRead More

Get code coverage using REST API query

6 febrero, 2017 Salesforce

Let’s suppose you need to find all the classes or triggers starting with “MY_” and having 0 lines covered. The REST API query we need would be as follows:

Obviously, it will return a JSON string with the classes and triggers which match the criteria. There are a lot of online tools to view the JSON response as a tree view, such as Code beauty and JSON Viewer or even convert it into CSV.

Salesforce Winter 17 Highlights

6 enero, 2017 Salesforce

We already have a new version of our loved CRM & Platform. Once again over 300 new features are released and it is a litte bit overwhelming to go over all of them. Just to highlight the most important ones for me and that we cannot miss, I’ll list them. Ligthning enhancements: Lightning Data Service Base Lightning Components Lightning Actions Use the Lightning Design System in Lightning Apps Create Custom Apps in Lightning Experience and Navigate More Efficiently Field-Level HelpRead More

Retrieving blob objects from Azure with Apex

3 octubre, 2016 Salesforce

Maybe you need to retrieve blobs stored in Azure Storage Services and save them as Salesforce attachments. Let’s suppose we have an attachment base64 encoded stored as a blob in Azure. We could retrieve it with the following snippet: