New Salesforce JavaScript Developer I certification

It seems I was right when I posted a few years back that Javascript was going to be a pretty huge thing! (it was easy to guess, anyway).

I have been been accepted into the beta program for the Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I exam.

It is not going to be an easy one because I have never considered myself an expert on this language. I have done multiple things fixing bugs and small enhacements years ago, with jQuery and all that. After that, and already working on the Salesforce world, with Visualforce and Aura, the modern Javascript was a lit bit hidden for us, Aura was encapsulating it for us.

Now, with Lightning Web Components this is quite different. We can leverage the new standards and re-use these skills everywhere, which is great to build applications outside of the Lightning Platform.

Now, I have a few weeks ahead to study hard and really understand all the tricky things that Javascript has always had and I have never fully understood.

I’ll focus on the Exam Outline points and hope to have a good day to pass it! Exam Guide