Hello, I'm Manuel!


Hello 👋 I'm Manuel Tejeiro Del Río! thanks for coming visit 😃.
I am very interested in CRM and Cloud (SaaS & PaaS especially). I like to solve business problems in an efficient, cost-effective, scalable way mixing different technologies and helping business to improve Customer Engagement, Customer Service and Marketing Automation areas, to make, in the end, customers happier and their lives easier.
I consider that it is essencial to be up to date and that’s why I keep learning every day and I proof myself by getting certified every year in all different areas involved in IT, from the highest level, Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF certified) moving down to project management (CAPM, PSM I certified), implementation (Azure, AWS and Salesforce x20 certified) and ITSM (ITIL certified) to hold the widest vision possible. My area of expertise is the implementation side though, but I’m looking forward to moving into Enterprise Architecture in the coming years.
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